Youth and politics in Algeria

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In Algeria, youth represents more than 70% of the population, they often confronted many difficulties. However, they are unable to solve their problems within existing political formations that do not offer an environment conducive to their desires and aspirations.

Nevertheless, there is a category of young people who join different organizations such as trade unions, associations and student organizations. On the other hand, a large majority of young people prefer to express their ideas, concerns, worries and problems through demonstrations or social networks, witnessing their daily lives, they talk about everything: unemployment, corruption, migration, lack of opportunities and social exclusion. However, in recent years, political parties incite the young generation to participate in the political debate and join within their parties, but since there is no echo of their complaints and protests, they are disinterested and without motivation. In the elections, most young people disregard electoral campaigns and proposed debates, because each time they are more and more disappointed with their elected officials, despite the fact that different political party programs propose reforms that affect them, but once their representatives are elected, the results are still far from their expectations and they find nothing concrete and applicable.

Young people can be key actors for development. Nevertheless, they often face social and economic problems, hence it is necessary to improve the participation of young people in the political life of the country, train them in the political field, involve them in the different activities by offering them more opportunities and bringing them closer to positions of responsibility and decision-making.