World Radio Day

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Challenge raised for Mahrez Rabia

Radio is an essential medium and a means of communication, reaching all categories of people, regardless of their ages or levels of instruction, and with its various programs, It remains a tool that offers the opportunity to participate, to interact with the Public debate and to bring together the different communities. The Algerian radio celebrated the World Radio Day on February 13 with its various stations (Radio International, Radio Culture, Radio Koran, Radio Chaine 3, Jil FM ...). The retained theme for this fourth celebration, was about the "Public Participation" under the slogan "Radio is you! " [1].

Radio Jil FM or youth radio, is the most listened radio channel among Algerian youth. Other than music programs that represent the major part, Jil FM offers different informative programs, cultural and educational content, which is very appreciated by this fringe of population. Radio Jil FM aims also to raise youth awareness of the different mechanisms of occupational integration, enterprise creation, employment and training for trades and crafts. On the other hand, Jil FM aims to make known young talents and creators. On the occasion of the World Radio Day, Jil FM opened the opportunity for young radio enthusiasts to come to their studios and animate their own favorite program.

Radio Chaine 3 has participated in this event with its host Mahrez Rabia, who was able to beat the Africa Continuous Animation Record with non-stop over 50 hours from February 11, 2017 at 6:00 am to February 13, 2017 At 8:00 am. The young animator of 31-year-old remained on the air for more than two days without sleeping or stopping to animate. A very hard physical challenge, which led the animator to make many sacrifices. Mahrez who was on live did not move from the studio, he attended with his colleagues to the various programs of chaine 3 with non-stop, he also received thousands of messages of support and encouragement via his facebook page. Mahrez became the new African champion of radio animation [2].