Wech derna? A web documentary

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Wech derna? Is a web documentary of youth and Algeria that gives voice to positive and creative young Algerians to express themselves. With an optimistic view, the documentary gathers all the positive energies to give hope to people, to progress and move forward.

Riadh Touat is the writer and director of Wech derna? A young pharmacist of 31 years and columnist on the radio, according to him the name Wech derna? Which means, "what has been done", summarizes all the specificity of an Algerian, he can also say "what are we going to do", thus this term is projected in the Future and intervenes among the Algerians when they decide to realize and doing something.

The documentary is also a narrative of life, divided into several issues, and aims to show the Algerian youth’s point of view in their country, what they like, what they regret, what hopes They have for their country. The different speakers are young Algerians under 35 years old, who live in Algeria or have lived most of their lives here. They are also young people who are deeply interested in Algerian culture and identity, through this documentary they tell their dailies their own experience and their personal journeys.

The first issue of wech derna? Was released in January 2017, the two participants in the first episode of the documentary are Naziha pharmacist and despite her handicap, she is very positive, enthusiastic and involved in the world of creation, cinema and photography and on the other part, Walid who studied marketing and decided to go into the field of crafts.

  • Wesh Derna ? - Episode 01