Valentine day

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Valentine has taken a wider step with all the social media applications. Its celebration is not limited with gifts exchanged by lovers
"Heart and valentine"
anymore, sometimes secretly, but it spread on social media as well. In the recent years, celebrating valentine became more of an open matter that lovers announce to their social media followers or friends. And as every other matter discussed on these applications, which change from being a simple matter into a general wide issue; valentine had the discussion of why it should be celebrated. As well as, the debate between couples and singles on this day, some praise the trouble couples put themselves in being in a relationship while others grief for the loneliness of being single.

No doubt that Valentine’s Day oblige couples to participate in a global ceremony of gift exchanging and love announcements. A reason gathered an audience rejecting this day, with its symbolization and limitation of love in a single day of the year. However, for sure it reflects an urge for a some of people to express themselves, their feelings, and life successes by this announcement. For a bunch of people that know the true meaning of love, this day will pass as any other day. Since life gives us many opportunities to express, challenge, and test our love and the love of those around us.