Tablet/cell phone for each kid

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Electronics and technological are from the most bought merchandises on the list of ordinary people in the world, and Lebanon is not exclusion.
"Kids and tech"
Youth are the highest categories who consume this type of products, for several reasons, and you can say that every person in the age of
"small and smart?!"
high school and university obtain a cell phone or a tablet, for the personal usage, and not for business as different categories.

This necessary type of consuming is oppressed by the social economical system of our modern life, and it can be accepted in general as a form of new communication and media shifting. Another phenomenon is emerged, which this kind of products is also founded between young children as well between small kids, if not obtaining a cell phone, they must obtain a tablet.

This spread of high tech between children cannot lie on educational or knowledge reasons basically, but in general the goal is the amusement and for fun.
"reading or playing?!"

This could form positive and negative issues, because from one way it can help children to new form of thinking, and get habituated for technological products, but it can also prevent children from the social interaction, especially between peers, as well as cognitive and developmental results,especially that the working family and the disintegration of social relations is a special traits for today's life in Lebanon, as in other countries. This phenomenon has cultural, educational, and social reflections, and must be taken into consideration from governmental and social levels, to decrease the negative upcoming results on all society.

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