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Shababpedia is a website that hosts content (video, music, writing) created by young people from Arab countries. It seeks to be a collaborative space that puts the youth populations of the Arab countries at a centre stage. Shababpedia is an open access virtual encyclopaedia made for and regularly fed by young people from the MENA region. This means providing information from all possible perspectives on young people’s realities, expectations and cultural productions in the region, contextualising the content so that it can be understood by internet users, and not presenting any point of view as the “real” or “best” one. In this way, Shababpedia encourages Arab young people to share their views on their experience, situation and expectations.

The focus of Shababpedia is to collect several cultural productions for the web from on five Arab Mediterranean countries. Morocco, Tunis, Algeria, Egypt and Lebanon. These countries monopolise the major social, economic, political, demographic and cultural diversities present in this geographical area as a whole. These five countries are located on the shore of the Mediterranean sea, nevertheless, we cannot gloss over all the disparities and the internal socio-cultural differences between the Maghreb countries (Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia) and the Middle Eastern countries (such as Lebanon and Egypt).

What can I do on Shababpedia?

As a platform for Arab youth, through Shababpedia you can:

  1. Share your own views and experiences on youth issues in Arab countries
  2. Discover different realities from both your own country and other Arab countries.

This means quoting authorised sources that can be checked whenever possible, especially on controversial topics.

How can I contribute to Shababpedia?

Shabapedia is fed collaboratively by Shababpedia team. Moreover, young people of Arab countries can add or edit article prose, references, images and other media here. It is easy to upload your posts, just be sure to follow our two main etiquette rules:

  1. Respect your fellow users even when you disagree with their point of view.
  2. Avoid personal attacks and generalisations. Any expressions of xenophobia, gender discrimination or any other manifestation of discrimination are unauthorised.

This does not mean that Shababpedia will be ‘politically correct’ − any political, ideological or religious point of view may be expressed on Shababpedia. The Shababpedia team, made up of editors in every SAHWA project affiliated country will ensure and maintain the quality of entries according to the shared content and etiquette norms. They can add, modify or delete content in a collaborative environment and control user permissions for different functions or levels of access. Shababpedia will be a platform for young people to express themselves and share their knowledge and creativity.