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Religion is a social phenomenon that is usually taught and transmitted through the culture: therefore, it has a socialising function. It is based on a set of beliefs that may be included in a holy book, with the aim of answering the big questions of life and giving meaning to existence and it embodies a set of practices or rituals that bind people and the group to what is recognised as sacred, which in most cases is identified with one or several gods.

Religion provides its followers with a code of conduct that they must follow to feel united and form part of a community. There is not only one religion in the world − there are many − and they can be categorised within several parameters. For example, depending on how the sacred is understood, there are the following types of religions: monotheists believe only in a creator God; polytheists consider that there are several gods, who may be located in a different hierarchical order; and pantheists identify the deity with the energies of nature and the creator and the created objects form a single entity. Although throughout history there have been no societies without religious beliefs or religion institutions, there have always been sceptical people or non-believers, as there are today.