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Even though programs that can change a person’s shape have not been present in the world for so long, as Photoshop, similar smart phones
"face refining"
applications are becoming viral worldwide. With an interesting factor that the program is not easy to use and requires certain training to be able to know a little bit, and even some courses to become a professional. Whereas,
these similar applications are easy to use with varieties to cover any tired symptoms on the face. Some more sophisticated applications can add features to the person, slimmer, rose cheeks, colored eyes, wider eyes, etc… Any close
"A better Look!!"
look-up at a photo on social media will reveal a clear face, with no symptoms of everyday life. The question is not in the use of the application as a means to make a face clear, as much as the urge for people to hide their daily discomfort under a smash of fabricated cover.