New technologies in Algeria

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The New technologies and the initiatives launched on the net continue more and more to attract young Algerians, to bring new ways of expression and to contribute to the emergence of a new culture and a new lifestyle in society. For the personal use of these new technologies, the majority of young people are always connected to social networks, blogs, You Tube, and still interested in new smartphones, new applications and video games; they are even impatient for a few hours of connection.

As for the professional use, Algeria is lagging behind in the sector of new information and communication technologies (ICTs), and their social and economic impact remains limited. The contribution of ICTs to Algerian GDP is very low, for the reason that the hydrocarbon sector remains the only one that generates the wealth of the country. Algerian companies on their part do not really enjoy the benefits of new technologies and they still have difficulties in their uses, the majority of companies keep buying IT solutions, that’s why there are a lack of innovation and independence in the new technologies sector.

In the field of entrepreneurship, and despite the difficulties, more and more young entrepreneurs launch projects in new information and communication technologies in the last few years. Several Startups created by young graduates, want to deploy IT solutions and offer various services, in maintenance, in data security and in selling various computer and electronic products.

There is also a lack of accessibility of ICTs in the education sector, and a lack of computer equipment in schools, although the use of ICT in this environment has very positive effects on students’ academic success.

Since the accessibility of the mobile network has been extended in last few years, they are many who are engaged in trade of smartphones and tablets, and with the advent of 3G then 4G, much Young people are using their smartphones and tablets to connect to the Internet from anywhere and take advantage of its various services. This new way has become indispensable for young people to study, discuss and enjoy. According to the MPTIC (Ministry of Post and Information and Communication Technologies), the number of subscribers to the Internet has doubled in a year close to 20 million at the end of 2015, of which more than 18 million registered For mobile internet.