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within the framework of EU cooperation and Algeria programs, various programs exist for youth, which offer to them several opportunities such as Erasmus + (education and mobility), Net-Med Youth (youth and media), PAJE Dedicated to the problem of youth employment), Euromed Invest and Switchmed (dedicated to entrepreneurship and innovation). [1]

In order to focus on these different programs, a meeting was held under the theme "Youth as a resource: education, training, employment" in Algiers on 30 January 2017 and organized by the EU Neighbors South project in collaboration with the delegation Of the European Union in Algeria. The meeting brought together EU officials in Algeria, representatives of certain ministries as well as project coordinators, beneficiaries of programs supported and funded by the EU, young citizens and the media. During this meeting the representatives of the various projects financed by the EU presented the results of their work and the opportunities that the EU offers to the Algerian youth. The Head of the EU Delegation in Algeria John O'Rourke, specified that the EU attaches great importance to programs in support of youth, the training, employment and mobility. He stressed that the EU supports the Algerian government in its policy towards young people and encourages dialogue between them and the public authorities. [2]

The meeting also marked the launch of a digital companion for young people via social networks, it is # EU4YOUTH, in order to make known the European projects in favor of youth in the Southern neighboring countries (Algeria , Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestine and Tunisia) .[3]