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Shababpedia is a website that hosts content (video, music, writing) created by young people from Arab countries. Shababpedia aims to be a collaborative space that puts the youth populations of Arab countries at centre stage. Read more about shababpedia

Main categories

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Economies (20 articles)

Economies are defined by how resources are managed to meet individual and collective needs (material and immaterial) of society.

Main article on Economies

Education (17 articles)

Education is a process of socialisation that plays a role in an individual's development from childhood. It is based on the transmission of values and knowledge.

Main article on Education

Gender (8 articles)

Gender is a human construction that social and cultural conventions, and biological capacities to define its role in puclic and private life and societal institutions.

Main article on Gender

Health (5 articles)

At a medical level, health is the state in which we find the organism when it is free of illness and carries out its functions in a natural way.

Main article on Health

Kinship (5 articles)

Kinship is a structured system of relations in which individuals are connected to each other by interlocking links and branches.

Main Article on Kinship

Knowledges (38 articles)

As defined by Friederich Nietzsche "knowledge is always a certain strategic relation in which man finds himself placed".

Main article on Knowledges

Marginalisation (17 articles)

Marginalisation is defined as a complex process of relegating specific groups of people to the lower or outer edges of society.

Main article on Marginalisation

Mobilities (8 articles)

In a broad sense, mobility refers to the movement of people in a social structure, such as from place to place, from job to job, or from one social class or level to another.

Main article on Mobilities

Politics (34 articles)

Politics is the activity through which people conform, preserve, oppose, disrupt and improve the general rules under which they live.

Main article on Politics

Religion (4 articles)

Religion is a social phenomenon that is usually taught and transmitted through the culture: therefore, it has a socialising function.

Main article on Religion

Social movements (3 articles)

Social movements are forms of collective action that emerge in response to situations of inequality, oppression and/or unmet social, political or economic demands.

Main article on Social Movements

Youth cultures (70 articles)

Youth cultures refert to how youth social experiences are expressed collectively throug the formation of distinctive life styles, located primarily in leisure or interstitial spaces.

Main article about youth cultures