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A group of youth from different Arab countries produced a short documentary for the SAHWA Project, about their lives in five different
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cities from five different countries, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, and Lebanon.
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Each one of them focused in a certain case and life conditions belong to their countries and society. But all of them had a common feature, which is focusing on the relation between youth and the society life conditions, and how the government or the political system deal with youth needs and life goals on different levels. Each one of them present the popular life pattern that represent the city he/she belongs to, and tried to focus on the faces as well on the words of colleagues, family members and friends, which give a real position about the social frame in the word of people and real stories, not just a general description, what give the audience a clear idea about the life conditions of youth that lives the high form of contradictions in their countries, that witnessed what was called the “Arab Spring”, when a great number of people in these countries expressed their rights and demands of decent life and justice. We can draw a general line that link the five cases, from the west of Africa (Morocco) to the east of it (Egypt), reaching the west side of Asia (Lebanon), the line of moral and material misery that those youths are living, especially when the social political system cannot provide the capability for them to express their creativity, in music, writing, painting, photographing… what push them to take the choice of leaving their countries, especially to Europe, the closest destination for them that form a possible chance to start and accomplish their “dream”; but are they accomplishing it?! The case of daily and existential struggle, not for the five youths (“Khamsa” in Arabic), but it is the case of the majority of the youth in countries where these youths came from. Also the struggle is common between the different countries, but their always some specificity in each of the countries, regarding the major form the marginalization of people in general, and youth as part of the society, the most active category of it. In Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, and Lebanon we find the poverty, the lack of working opportunities, as well as the lack of youth support from the authority, all of that is based on the governmental’ policies that marginalize the majority of people, including youth, leading them to migrate, and live another type of struggle, especially during this period witnessing the uprising of racism against foreigners, Arabs, and Muslims in western countries. Marginalizing not only economically, but on all social level, especially ideologically and culturally, when sectarianism in Lebanon present this type of oppression on the ideological level not only from outside the person, as well as from inside it in his personality and morality. Khamsa documentary show in video, spoken words, different accents, faces, and colors, what the articles on shababpedia website was trying to present about youths and the struggles they live. But still those youths waiting the general movement that express their life dream in collective way, not as isolated individuals, because their dream is the dream of all people living in these countries, and all other countries, the dream of dignity, justice, progress, and human value.

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