Khamsa documentary a view from Algeria

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Khamsa, a documentary that tells five different stories of five young Arabs (Ayoub, Tina, Seif, Hakim and Hiba) from different countries on the southern shore of the Mediterranean. Khamsa brings together extracts from the daily life of these five-young people, that representing their generation and their countries: Ayoub, 21, from Casablanca, Morocco, chose theater to express himself and forget all difficulties encountered in his neighborhood and in the home. In this part, Ayoub speaks about his daily life in his neighborhood and his relationships with his friends, then the various works he does to survive and improve his situation, however he still hoping for a stable job.

In Algeria and more precisely in Timezrit, there is the story of Tina, a young girl of 22 years. She is a student in architecture and architecture and urban planning, with a passionate interest in music and cinema, she presents her village and her traditions, his daily life and his different activities in a male dominated environment.

In Tunisia, there is the story of Seif 25 years old, he works as a photographer, he reveals in his extract his lifestyle in his city (Djerba), which he really appreciates, with its diversity of cultures and religions. He describes also the places he hangs around and introduces his friends, including Anne, a Jewish friend who never had any problems with her. This part also discusses the views of other young people about migration and their experiences in Europe in search of opportunities.

Hakim of Alexandria (Egypt), another young person who tells us his life. Hakim has studied theatrical interpretation and management and passionate about theater since the age of 6, as well as writing stories and the analysis of the cultural scene in Egypt, and in particular in Alexandria. The young Hakim is also active on the political scene in Egypt and interested in culture and art.

Hiba, 25-years-old, born and raised in Beirut, she is a warrior young girl, who defies society, especially her traditions, by choosing sexual anthropology in her studies, which is considered a taboo subject and unacceptable in her society. Hiba believing that change is possible and participates in social movements from an early age in order to combat discrimination and sectarianism in a society that suffers from many political and social conflicts.

These five stories show the diversity of profiles of young people in these five Arab countries ; whether it be in the language where we notice various Arabic dialects, there is even the Berber language in the case of Tina in Algeria. Or in The lifestyle of each young person which is also completely different. There is also a difference in the level of studies, the environment, the concerns and dreams of every young Arab. On the other hand, the documentary reflects the sense of belonging that each young person has towards his hometown. These five young people, with their different situations and despite the various difficulties and embarrassments in their societies, stand ready to fight for a better future in their countries.