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KHOTWA is a project that was being created by a group of young Algerians on February 2015, In order to help other young people to overcome the various obstacles to cross paths of success while providing them with the necessary tools and advice. The KHOTWA project is based on two axes :

  • Training and Personal Development called "START" which aims to encourage and motivate young people to take their first steps on the road of success, to self-discover through training sessions and conferences.
  • The second axe is about Awareness and Volunteering called "KHOTWA HASSANA", which aims to educate young people and the next generation of life skills and contribute to the formation of a community socially responsible and autonomous.

Moreover, the KHOTWA project allow young people to benefit from coaching and assistance to help them to develop their skills to further their ongoing development in their personal and professional lives.

  • Conference Khotwa - Ahmed Yahi (La défaite fait partie de la réussite)