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With the numerous applications on facebook, as those where someone can check how they will look like in their 70’s of age, whom are your
facebook friends’ closets to you, or who sneaks out at your wall regularly. The most recent application is called “honesty or honestly”, it allows one to form a link from the application, and allow the facebook
"Honesty App"
friends to say “honestly” their opinion about that person. Although many may say that honesty is a good element in social communication, and this is why it is not bad to hear the opinions of other people about ourselves. However, many also argue that because honesty is a good element in our social practices, people should always say honestly their
opinion about others specially the closest ones, and thus the application is not needed.

Nevertheless, this application comes in the same manner as other applications on social media that spread illusions in people’s minds trying to deceive them into an attempt to have a look at their future. Or worst that these applications are not an imaginary tool people use for various means. But the danger of this application is the low self-esteem it reflects in people using it. As if someone is either confident of own loving character, or is does not trust what people think of them even the closest ones, so they need a hidden curtain to make sure of these opinions. Regardless of why social media applications were invented for, several applications linked to them are taking a dangerous and sometimes unethical direction that reflects the situation of the societies they are present in and the goals of people developing these applications.

"www.androidapps-ar.com/تطبيق-الصراحة "