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At a medical level, health is the state in which we find the organism when it is free of illness and carries out its functions in a natural way. This conception refers to physical and psychic wellbeing. This concept must be understood in a broad sense as a combined and variable process of personal and social factors that influence each other to determine the degree of health, day-to-day development and quality of life of a person. So health is not an individual process, but one that is determined by a big group of social factors or even by political and economic factors. For example, each social and cultural group has a different conception of health and these certainties of what being or not being healthy is and this influences the health readings at an individual level of the members of each community. This conception of health is related with lots of personal and social issues, for example, personal autonomy.

We associate health with personal autonomy because it is necessary to have the culture and enough knowledge to live in a free and responsible way, to avoid illness, accident, lack of integration or an aggressive environment. Culture and knowledge must serve, unless it cannot be avoided, to cure illness and solve those problems or their consequences caused by accidents, situations of marginalisation or the pollution of the environment.