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Education is a process of socialisation that plays a role in an individual's development from childhood. It is based on the transmission of values and knowledge of the culture where the process develops. However, education can be understood from two different perspectives. On the one hand we can understand education as a unidirectional process of "training", as a transmission of values and knowledge from adults towards children and young people. Moreover, we can understand education as a personal growth process that is open, integrated (physical, psychological and social) and multidirectional, which contributes to the balanced development of the personality and the inclusion in community life. Therefore, education is a process in which the individual may play a more or less active role.

Understanding education as a process that goes beyond "training", we can say that education is any experience that has an effect on the individual at all of his levels (physical, psychological and social). Therefore, education is not only what is taught in educational institutions (this type of education by schools, colleges and universities, is called formal). Other institutions, such as museums or the organised activities outside the school for example, also have an educational role (these are instances of non-formal education). Finally, we also speak of informal education, which is the one that is developed in the individual's everyday activities without organisation, through their interaction with the immediate environment and, nowadays, also through the interaction with the broader, global context that information and communications technologies allow.