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After the dramatic situations in the Arab world, various artists had Lebanon as their resident area until the situation is better for drama
"Tchello sereie"
production again. This have created the opportunity of joined Arabic drama and cinema production.
"24 kirrat"

Some may say that the Lebanese drama and cinema production took advantage of the presence of several Arabic artists living in Lebanon due to political circumstances in the growing joined Arabic cinema and drama production. Others may see it as an interesting opportunity to show the huge similarities in which these societies have and thus can be reflected in a joined production. However, it is fair to say that those productions who reflected a real social situation were more successful than the productions that only focused on joined famous actors under one roof. By far several acts of joined Arabic actors and production were successful, in reflecting an image that we all see in our daily life. Whether in new social circumstances that the people started to experience in the mingling of these peoples together or in the non-forgotten experiences the previews generation tries to remind the current generation in. As well as, with no doubt that these productions have had the time and space of many followers. Because of the presence of many famous and loved actors by the old and new generations and maybe because they highlighted an image of unity and peace people are longing for. Some of us hope that these productions continue to be present, reflecting deeper social issues in the Arabic society. Moreover, with the focus on true situations that project the audience watching these productions.