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Comedy shows have been present in Lebanon for as long as the first TV station was present. They were divided between shows using the social
"La Hawn W Bass"
situation, and the political situation, sometimes even using imitations of the politicians as part of their shows. As well as, several times an angry response was made by the audience on an imitation that was
considered as impolite towards one politician or another.
"Hayda Hakey"

During the recent couple of years, a wave a coping western shows became famous. One-person talk show, with a band, receiving singers, artists, and even politicians. A similar plot to several shows we see in the US or Britain. The main purpose is for sure to be funny and use humor to highlight any issue, and not to forget the Lebanese touch. The shows are famous that every TV station has its own version of the show, with a high level of competition. The sad part is not precisely that these shows are copied from another society, and projected on the Lebanese one in an attempt to live the “American Dream”. But the low level of speech and content presented in these shows, trying to turn every problem of the Lebanese citizen into a joke, instead of actually trying to solve them. Adding to the fact that it is a mean to acknowledge that humor is an acceptable method when dealing with others; we can simply make fun of them. Regardless of the ethical level of these shows, the main blame should be on the TV station that is using this type of cheap media to increase its audience and thus profit.