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Cinema or the seventh art is a mirror that reflects culture and social life of any population, in Algeria cinema has been developed through different steps depending on periods that Algeria has been going through. First, the fact that Algeria was under French colonization, all movies of this period focused on the revolution and independence, also the social situation of the Algerian people. There are many movies like “la bataille d’alger” ,” dar sbitar”,” Hassan terrou” and many others…

After the independence, most of the produced movies were about immigration, the economic crisis and the bad social situation that Algeria was in. despite the bad situation, there were many comedy movies that people still watch till today,” aila ki nass” is a good example of them, also “otlat el mofattich Tahar”,” aiyech b tnach” …

Although there were really good movies just after independence, the Algerian film production in black decade has known a sort of recession because of the lack of security in the country at that time.

After the black decade, Algerian cinema improved a little, but it still need more improvement. despite all that there are some good movies that were nominated for movies awards in Cannes Film festival like “Indigènes” or “natives” in French and “outside the law” that was nominated for Best Foreign Language Film at the 83rd Academy Awards.

Algerian cinema is also going through a renewal with the younger generation. In 2016 the young Algerian filmmaker "Karim Sayad" received the "Student Youth Award" from the 38th Clermont Ferrand International Short Film Festival with his documentary film "Babor Casanova", which tells the story of Two young fans of an Algerian sports club, cloistered between an informal parking and the stadium, where they go on weekends to support their favorite team. [1] Hassen Ferhani another young Algerian filmmaker who realizes in 2015, the documentary film "Fi rassi rond-point", with which he was awarded in numerous international festivals. [2]

There are also other talented young actors well known to the wider public, such as Souhila Mallem, who has participated in several films and TV movies. She has won the Female Interpretation Award at the “Premier Plans” Festival in Angers for her role "yamina" in "Les jours d’avant" by Karim Moussaoui. [3]