Change in weather

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A change in weather is clearly felt and seen this year in Lebanon. When winter usually starts by the end of September this year it started
"Sea side"
by the beginning of December. Carrying with it several storms that until three months later left the country in a more cold weather, snow, rain, and wind. Even with the saying that rain brings goodness and wealth, this time rain
"Mountain road"
and snow did not bring wealth for everyone. The houses are not quite equipped for this low temperature that reached up to zero at the coast and decreased in the inner and mountain areas to reach minus 12 in some areas. In
"Ain Mrayseh"
addition to the electricity cut for 12 hours, high prices of fuel for heating, the situation is mildly cold and needs attention. A serious attempt needs to be done especially that the weather will continue to fluctuate
"Road to Beirut"
with the climate change issue that is sticking the whole world; at least to ensure the warmth of the people, and their ability to survive.

Moreover, this weather changing is not only affecting the body temperature but also the farming seasons. If a solution is not planned various families will be endangered for a fluctuated future leading to various other problems.