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Algeria Web Awards

Algeria Web Awards is the big national competition that rewards the best of the Algerian web. This initiative aims at encouraging the best creators of the Algerian web, developers, web designers, agencies and innovative companies, to identify them and boost them towards the creation of a better content. This national competition makes improvements in the Algerian web content, thus creating competition between its different actors.

In its first edition, Mr. Faiçal Azouaou launched the competition in 2012, with the contribution and the participation of the ESI Scientific Club (CSE). A second edition was organized in 2013 with the introduction of new categories and the participation of more than 500 websites. In 2014 the team of "Algeria Web Awards", decided to innovate and add "mobile" categories to the competition. The 2016 edition is distinguished from previous editions by a new classification of categories, with four main axes: websites, mobile, social media and social awards, then the introduction of new awards as the best digital campaign of the year. The competition knew the registration of more than 1000 sites and applications in 3 weeks.[1]

The Startup Creativinno is the organizer of this event, with a young and dynamic team; she is behind several projects related to technologies and digital. The jury members contains many web experts, which will evaluate websites, mobile applications and social pages according to several criteria such as the quality and originality of the content, the technology used, the aesthetics and design. Once the nominees have been selected and announced by the jury members, the public can vote for his preferred website in each category, which will account for 30% of the final note to determine the winner in each category.[2][3]

As Algeria is a major consumer of foreign digital content, the organization of such an event remains indispensable and it is very important for a better development of web content and promoting the creation of local content and highlight the digital economy.

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