“Le sous-marin”- a cultural space

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“Le sous-marin” which means “The submarine” is a new cultural place dedicated to the arts and pictorial exhibitions. It was inaugurated on December 30 in Algiers and welcomed an impressive number of young visitors. This cultural space is a civil society project born of participatory support and encourages cultural activism and citizenship. "le sous-marin", is truly located in the basement, hence its name, it is endowed with an art gallery, a literary café, a post-production cinematographic studio and a space of projections and meetings. [1]

Hichem Gaoua , one of the first exhibitors in the gallery section, the artist, already well known on social networks, he proposed updated portraits of several figures of Algerian music like Amar Ezzahi, Kamel Messaoudi, El Hachemi Guerouabi, Himoud Brahimi, or Othmane Bali. On the other hand Hichem Gaoua and with his own contemporary touch paid tribute through other exhibitions to men of culture, that are assassinated during the black decade as well as several historical personalities like Hassiba Ben Bouali, Ali Ammar, Laarbi Ben M'hidi, Didouche Mourad. The artist has also produced posters of shows and illustrations for campaigns to raise environmental awareness and also the rehabilitation of the value of work in society. .[2]

This cultural space aims at allowing young artists to promote themselves; it’s also an opportunity for them to diffuse their different works in full freedom, with the preservation of the autonomy of art. This space also allows artists who are not known to bring out their creativity and put forward their ideas and their works, on the other hand it allows the different visitors to have a direct contact with the cultural act.